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Please look at the profiles of potential participants. It will help you to find people who are working in similar research fields and to recognize each other during the conference easily.

Edina Bilić -Komarica

During my residency training and as a young doctor I worked for almost 10 years at the Clinic for Diabetes and Endocrinology.   For the last 10 years I have been a Head of the Internal Medicine Department at the Surgical Clinics Division of the Clinical Center in Sarajevo.
Leena Diehl

I am currently working on my Master Thesis in Physics in Freiburg, Germany. I am working in the field of experimental particle physics and investigate the behaviour of irradiated silicon strip detectors for the ATLAS detector for the High-Luminosity Upgrade of the LHC.

Dr. Yilmaz’s research interests are Semiconductor materials and devices in general, fabrication and characterization of semiconductor nanocrystals, semiconductor nanostructures for microelectronics and photonics applications, RadFETs, Radiation sensors and dosimeters, Solar Energy, Global Solar Radiation Maps, Solar Systems, Climate effects, Solar cells.
Peter Bossew

German Federal Office for Radiation Protection, Berlin; Current main fields of work: Radon; Radio-ecology, in particular ratelated to Fukushima and Chernobyl; Monitoring networks; Stochastic modelling, geostatistics, mapping; Risk assessment
Pro. Dr. Nizami Hasanli

Visiting Professor , Physics Department , Middle East Technical University , Ankara , 1992 - present time Focus: Condensed matter physics Research Areas: Thermoluminescence Photoluminescence Raman scattering Thermally stimulated conductivity Optical absorption and reflection
Dr. Ezekiel O. Agbalagba

Dr. E.O. Agbalagba is a Radiation and environmental expert with over 18 years of research in environmental and radiation. He has 46 publications in scholarly and reputable local and foreign journals. Dr. Agbalagba a senior lecturer in the department of Physics, Federal University of Petroleum Resources, Effurun Delta State , Nigeria.
Ana Diklić

I am a medical physicist at University Hospital Rijeka, Croatia. After several years of working in radiotherapy, I am currently involved in the field of diagnostic and interventional radiology.
Ales Jancar, Zdenek Kopecky, Zdenek Matej, Jiri Culen

VF, a.s. company is a leading international supplier of radiation monitors and complete solutions for Radiation Protection and Radiation Monitoring Systems for the nuclear industry.
Mostafa Mostafa

Junior researcher and PhD student in experimental physics department Ural Federal University - Ekaterinburg - Russia with project (Primary standard source of radon concentration)Msc degree in field of environmental radiation.  Create a new system for radon and radon progeny concentration primary standard source for first time in Russia
Vijay K. Singh

I am a tenured Professor at F. Edward Hébert School of Medicine, USUHS, and a PI at AFRRI, Bethesda, MD, USA. My research interests have focused on the development of radiation countermeasures and identification of biomarkers for radiation injury and countermeasure efficacy. I have published 145 peer reviewed research articles in reputed high impact journals and have large number of collaborators from various countries. Currently, I am well-funded by various US agencies.
Peter Miklyaev

Radon in Natural Environment; Radon Risk Mapping

My name is Uğur. I am proffessor at Karadeniz Technical University in Trabzon province of Turkey. I have been studying gama and x ray spectroscopy for years. I like read book and watching TV.
Prof. Dr. Atanas Tanushevski

Dr. A. Tanushevski has long experience in the field of synthesis and characterization of semiconductors thin films, used in solar cells. Namely, for more than 12 years he has devoted on preparing thin films, which are suitable as transparent conductive electrodes, such as SnO2, In2O3 and ZnO. Also, his occupation are semiconductor films suitable for solar cells, photonics applications, sensors and dosimeters.
Nadezhda Kudryasheva

Radiobiology, Low-Level Radiation of Alpha, Beta, and Gamma Types, Radiotoxicity, Hormesis, Bioassays: bacterial cells, enzymatic reactions, fluorescence proteins
Alketa Sinanaj

I am working as a lecture at the Department of physics at the Aleksander Xhuvani University, Elbasan, Albania. The contribution number on this conference from the title list is (RAD6-179/ Alketa Sinanaj, Blerina Papajani/ CALCULATION OF THE CONCENTRATIONS OF ELEMENTS IN ENVIRONMENTAL SAMPLES USING XRF PORTABLE SYSTEMS AND THE FUNDAMENTAL PARAMETERS METHOD

I am medical physicist working in Erzurum National Hospital. I finished PhD at Atatürk University Physics Education Department.I have scientific studies on radiation protection education.
Živorad Savić

I am a primary doctor, a medical doctor, a radiologist specialist, and I work as a neuroradiologist in urgent radiology, the Clinical Center of Serbia in Belgrade. I also work as a full professor of vocational studies in the field of radiology and nuclear medicine. I worked in several clinics: Neurology Clinic; Institute for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases. My area of interest is the vascular pathology of the blood vessels, especially the head and neck.
Sergii Litvinov

Employment: Institute of Cell Biology and Genetic Engineering, National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Junior Scientific Researcher. Area of interests: DNA repair, DNA damage transcriptional response, plant stress tolerance. Main relevant publication: Litvinov S.V., Rashydov N.M. The transcriptional response of Arabidopsis thaliana L. AtKu70, AtRAD51 and AtRad1 genes to X-rays. // Journal of Agricultural Science and Technology A. – 2017. – 7 (1). – P. 52-60.
Tufic Madi Filho

PhD in Nuclear Technology from the Universidade de São Paulo (1999). Currently is senior Researcher of the Comissão Nacional de Energia Nuclear - Brazil (National Commission of Nuclear Energy. Has experience in Physics, with emphasis on nuclear physics. Works on the following topics: nuclear reactor; alpha, beta and neutron detection, gamma spectrometry. Address to the curriculum
Yong Nam Kim

I am a Medical Physicist at Kangwon National University Hospital, South Korea. My interest is mainly in Monte Carlo simulation for radiation transport analyses and artificial neural network applications for advance in radiation therapy system for cancer treatment.
Dragan Cvetković

Photosynthetic pigments (carotenoids), their isolation and bioactivity (anti/pro-oxidant activity) in model systems (liposomes). Lipids and lipid peroxidation – mechanisms and monitoring.

I am a doctoral student in physics department at Ankara University. I worked as a medical physicist in radiation oncology department of Ankara Dışkapı Yıldırım Beyazıt Education and Research Hospital. I am working at Mustafa Kemal University. Main fields of work: radiotherapy physics,radiation protection, nuclear medicine physics.
Niculescu Florentin Mihail

I am a physicist, working at Laboratory of Hygiene Radiations, I authorized and control all laboratories which work with ionized radiations (medical department, industry, etc) , monitor the radioactivity of drinking water and food chain and monitor the radioactivity and health of the population near the influence area of Kozlodui CNE - Bulgaria
Özkan Şahin

Physicst at Uludag University, Bursa, TURKEY. Intrest: Modelling the energy transfer processes of the excited states in gas mixtures; survey of the gain measurements for different mixtures in terms of compisition and pressure to identify the working performance of the gas detectors.
Tuncay Bayram

I am a Nuclear Physicist and working at Department of Physics, Karadeniz Technical University, Trabzon/Turkey as associate professor. Mainly I interest in nuclear structure theory and related phenomena as well as experimental nuclear reactions. Also I started to study on experimental radiation absorbtion of various types of materials last year. I am looking forward to see all of you in RAD2018.
Lejla Čiva

I am currently working at the Sarajevo Medical School, at the University Sarajevo School of Science and Technology. I do research in Biophysics and Medical Physics.
Lubomir Traikov

Since 2001, Assistant professor at the Medical University-Sofia, Faculty of Medicine, Department of Medical Physics and Biophysics. Since 2001 PhD in Biophysics. 2002-2004- Post doctorate at NIPH, Tokyo, Japan; Member of the team of 11 scientific projects; Expert member of WHO-EMF-consulting committee in Bulgaria; Author 2 books and 47 publications Expert at Governmental commission of republic of Bulgaria for prevention of Industrial accidents and safety measures at natural disasters
Danijela Veličković

Danijela Veličković was born in Bijelo Polje in 1981. She is a professor of History and Geography, a specialist and a Master of Environmental Protection.
José M. Gómez-Ros

PhD, MSc in Physics; MSc in Mathematics. Senior Researcher and Head of the Division for Radiological Environment in CIEMAT (Spain). Associated researcher of INFN (Italy). Thirty years of experience in radiation dosimetry, thermoluminescence, Monte Carlo simulation and neutron dosimetry. Co-author of 120 scientific papers published in international journals. Member of EURADOS WG6; secretary of ISSDO, ORCID ID: More information available through ResearchGate.
Jelena Popić

I work as an Assistant Professor of radiology in the Medical school University of Zagreb, Croatia. I also manage everyday routine in radiology department in the University Hospital Merkur. Most of my radiology cases consist of abdominal, pelvic, urogenital and gastrointestinal patology. My scientific research is dedicated to radiation protection, specialy to optimising CT procedures as well as to liver and kidney transplatation radiology.
Sara Taha Sayed Sakr

Sara Taha Sayed Sakr Address: Minia,61757,Egypt Sex: female Date of birth: 12/04/1992 Nationality: Egyptian Contact Information Mobile No: +201021217186 Email: • Assistant Lecturer at Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Minia University, from 25/12/201 till now.
Chang Hyun Jin

I’m a senior researcher and work in Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute. I investigate the phyiological activities of radiation mutant plant.
Svetlana Matveeva

Photochemist working at Voevodsky Institute of Chemical Kinetics and Combustion (Novosibirsk, Russia). My field of interests is photochemistry of haloid complexes of platinum metals.

Dr. Sc., As. prof., Head of the Radiation Hygiene & Radiation Biology Department of the National Center of Public Health, Academy of Sciences of Moldova. Carry out the investigation in the field of the biodozimetry of the exposed population to the ionizing radiation. Study of the Radio-logical Impact Assessment of Radioactive pollution, including Radon, to the Environment and Public Health.
Carmen Tuca

PhD Carmen TUCA, researcher from “Horia Hulubei” National Institute for Physics and Nuclear (IFIN-HH) from Bucharest - Magurele, Romania is currently involved in the Decommissioning Project of the VVR-S Nuclear Researcher Reactor Decommissioning Department. Responsible for environmental, occupational health and safety she published more than 15 papers in scientific journals,
Ivan Pozdnyakov

Research interests: photochemistry, environmental chemistry, optical spectroscopy
Ioan Iorga

Ioan Iorga was working from 2002 in several big projects like ROM 04029, BOA 3J0021 or EMERSYS. He is senior researcher in the decommissioning team from the NIPNE-HH institute from Romania. Under his coordination was succefully completed the distmantling of radionuclide efluents pipes between the reactor and the treatment plant. He has published more than 18 papers in reputed journals presenting his work. He is one of main author of the VVR-S nuclear reactor Decommissioning plan from Romania.
Natasa Brasik

Over 13-years clinical experience as medical physicist. At present, medical physicist at the University hospital in Vienna, Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, responsible for the Quality assurance processes and lecturer at Medical University in Vienna (Quality assurance in dental radiology; Protection against non-ionising radiation).
Dejan Vasovic

Dejan Vasovic is assistant professor (docent) of the Faculty of Occupational Safety in Niš, University of Niš, Serbia. His research interests are: environmental quality management, environmental security; water protection, adaptive and copping capacity management. Author of numerous research papers in the field of environmental protection and quality management,(particularly in the field of water protection and resource management); reserve officer.
Sergey Kalinichenko

Radioecology, radiobiology. Accumulation and migration of radionuclides in environment.
Aleksei Solovev

A. Tsyb MRRC, Obninsk, Russia. Laboratory of Medical radiation physics at Radiation biophysics department. PhD (radiobiology). My prime field of interest are Monte-Carlo simulations of ionizing radiation impact on radiobiological and physical objects.
Borjana Vranješ

Teaching assistant at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Department of Radiology and radiation hygiene
Wolfram Westmeier

PhD in Nuclear Chemistry from University of Marburg (Germany) on spallation reactions from 600 MeV protons on thorium. Founder of enterprise Dr. Westmeier GmbH who develop software for high-precision analysis of gamma-ray and alpha-particle spectra. Highly specialised in scintillation spectrometry. Developing customer-specific instrumentation and applications for measurement of nuclear radiation.
Prof. Dr. Schmitz-Feuerhake, Inge

Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake has completed her doctorate in physics in 1966 at the University of Hannover, Germany. Since 1973 she is Professor of Medical Physics at the University of Bremen, Germany, now in the status of retirement. She works in the field of radiation dosimetry and radiation effects. Inge Schmitz-Feuerhake lives in Hannover, Germany. Contact:
Alexey Stepanov

I am working in “Kurchatov Institute”. My primary objective characterization of radioactive waste during decommission works on research reactors by using a set of remote measurement systems. This work helped to reduce the quantities of radioactive waste, improve ecological situation of the territory, and reduce radiation-absorbed dose on personnel. I have a background in work with alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and liquid scintillation counter techniques and it is applications for various tasks.
Iurii Simirskii

Since 2006 I have been working in the department “Rehabilitation” of the NRC “Kurchatov Institute” as leading researcher. The object of my investigations is the complete spectrometric radionuclide monitoring of the research reactors and the different technological reservoirs during dismantling using various radiochemical methods. . I have a background in work with alpha-, beta-, gamma-, and liquid scintillation spectrometry.
Vyacheslav Stepanov

I am a subhead of department “Rehabilitation” of the NRC “Kurchatov Institute”. In our department, we are development and application of new devices for measurement of a radioactivity waste. Current Research Interests: Development, test and application of new devices for search and visualization of radioactive sources. Development a new methods and devices for imaging and characterization of radioactive objects. Waste Management. Gamma spectrometry.
Marek K. Janiak

Head of the Dept. of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection, Military Institute of Hygiene and Epidemiology, Warsaw, Poland. Member of the Polish Delegation to UNSCEAR. Member of the ERRS Board. Main scientific interests: anti-cancer and immunostimulatory effects of exposures to low-level ionizing radiation.
Kolokoltsev Vyacheslav

I was born in 1940.I live in Moscow. He gratuated from the Physics Department of Moscow University. I work at the Institute of Metallurgy and Materials Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences. He defended his thesis in 1982. I sphere of my interests is the interaction of various kinds of radiation with condensed media.
Konstantin Chizhov

Since 2009 Mr. Chizhov has been involved in the Russian-Norwegian collaborative regulatory projects between SRC-FMBC and Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority at the facilities of nuclear legacy in the north-west region of Russia. As a result of work the software tools for enhancing regulatory supervision, safety planning, monitoring of the radio-ecological situation and for improving radiation protection of workers have been developed.
Prof.D-r Blagica Cekova

Prof.D-r.Blagica Cekova the MIT University,Faculty of Management Ecological resources in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia.I have PhD University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy. Specialist studies of Universitat Martin Luther. My scientific interest in the Synthesis of Zeolites from Natural Raw, and Biochemical Engineering. I have puplished scientific papers in journals and presented
Filip Jovanovski

I am Filip Jovanovski, graduate student at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy, University St. Cyril and Methodius, Skopje, Macedonia. My interest is the field of food technology and biotechnology
Ekaterina Koryakina

A. Tsyb MRRC, Obninsk, Russia, Radiation biophysics department. I’m interested in radiobiology; cell survival and induction of chromosome aberrations in mammalian cells; proton, carbon, neutron irradiation; RBE, LET, chemical dosimetry.
Krzysztof Gorzkiewicz

I am a PhD Student at the Institute of Nuclear Physics Polish Academy of Sciences. My PhD thesis is focused on setting up of an anti-muon active shield for BEGe detector. Additionally I am responsible for Aerosol Sampling Station which is part of national radiation monitoring network.
Bistra Kunovska

I am a physicist in National Center for Radiobiology and Radiation Protection (NCRRP) and my main activities are related to measurements radiation parameters. I participated in the first systematic national indoor radon survey under the Bulgarian National Program. Indoor radon concentrations were measured for one year of whole Bulgarian territory. NCRRP designs, coordinates and analyzed the results. In the RAD 2018 I will present some of the work done on this survey.
Nadezhda Shimalina

Post-graduate student and engineer at the Population Radiobiology Lab, Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Main research interests include effects of radiation and chemical contamination on herbaceous plants.
Sergey Kulyukhin

A Deputy Director of Institute of Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry Russian academy of Sciences. Current scientific interests: the application of physicochemical processes in nuclear safety practice; protection from volatile radionuclides and radioaerosols during accidents at nuclear power plants, localization of radioactive and anthropogenic substances from liquid and gas phases.
Yulia Shaltaeva

I am an engineer and a Ph.D. student in National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) at Moscow, Russia. After several years of working in ion mobility spectrometry field, I am currently involved in the field of medical instrumentation design.
Vecheslav S. Pershenkov

Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences. My specialization field is the physics of semiconductor devices and radiation resistance of microelectronic structures. Since 1977 I am head of the Department of Micro- and nanoelectronics in National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) at Moscow, Russia.
Maria de Lurdes Dinis

Professor at the Mining Engineering Department in the Engineering Faculty of Porto University. PhD degree (2003-2007) and a Master degree in Environmental Engineering (1998-2000) from Porto University and a graduation of 5 years in Mining Engineering (1991-1996). Invited lecturer at the: IAEA training on Uranium and Milling Sites, several NATO Advanced Study Institute (ASI); several NATO Advanced Research Workshop (ARW).
Sema Oglak

I am Assoc.Prof at Adnan Menderes University, Nazilli Faculty of Administration and Economics Sciences, Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations (Aydin-Turkey). I am interested in particularly elderly care issues and elderly social policies (long-term care, home care models, quality of life,)
Phil Hyun Kang

I am working at Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute(KAERI) as a principal researcher. My major research filed is polymer composites and I have focused on R&D using radiation technology such as radiation crosslinking, grafting and curing etc.
Maria Cristina Montesi

I am an Assistant Professor in Applied Physics since 2001 at University of Napoli “Federico II”. My research activity is in Physics Applied to Medicine and in Fundamental Physics, mostly devoted to the study of radiation detectors as semiconductor hybrid detectors, silicon photomultipliers and nuclear emulsions. Since 2011, I am involved in studies aimed to investigate the target and ion beams fragmentation in hadron therapy.
Albana Topi

I am doing my PhD at University of Siena in collaboration with INFN Pisa, Italy. My research interest is focused on application of FLUKA Monte Carlo simulation code in medical physics, range monitoring techniques with PET system in protontherapy and validation with FLUKA code.
Ciupagea Fulger

I am PhD in medical sciences, the head of the Ionizing Radiation Hygiene Laboratory under the Public Health Direction-Bucharest, Romania. I coordinate the authorization of activities involving the use of ionizing radiation sources, the control of medical exposure and the development of long-term surveillance programs on the health status of the population through risk assessments, epidemiological studies and by dosimetric and radioactivity control of drinking water and food.
Ghioca Constantin

I am physicist, currently attending doctoral courses in physics at University-Bucharest. My over 15 years expertise in different practices involving the use of ionizing radiation sources is recognized by the Romanian national authority that has appointed me responsible for radiological safety at the operation of the fluorodeoxyglucose (FDG) production facility Cyclotron 18/9 and qualified expert in radioprotection.
Rosca Fartat Gabriela

I am a physicist. Having experience in the field of ionizing radiation sources applications I was involved in the regulatory activity of the field. Invited lecturer at the IAEA Regional Training Course and speaker at different workshops organized by TAIEX. Currently, I work at the Ionizing Radiation Hygiene Laboratory under the Public Health Direction-Bucharest-Romania.
Nuta Niculae

I am primary physician. I am working in the Ionizing Radiation Hygiene Laboratory under the Public Health Direction-Bucharest, Romania, being involved in the authorization process of the activities with ionizing radiation sources, the control of medical exposure.
Jelena Parlov

Assistant Professor at the University of Zagreb, Faculty of Mining, Geology and Petroleum Engineering (Department of Geology and Geological Engineering). She teaches hydrogeological courses, Hydrogeology, Karst hydrogeology and Protection of water. She has 17 years of experience with work in areas regarding groundwater quantity and quality. Her work covers protection and origin of groundwater especially in karst areas, groundwater reserves issues and water flow modelling.
Maxim Karetnikov

I work in Dukhov Research Institute of Automatics (VNIIA), Moscow, Russia, and busy with neutron generators and particle accelerators, nuclear electronics, gamma- and neutron detectors, systems for neutron and gamma activation analysis
Kremena Ivanova

I am head of Radiation Expertise and Radon Monitoring laboratory in National Center of Radiobiology and Radiation Protection – Sofia, Bulgaria. I am a physicist and the research during my PhD was in the field of assessment environment radiation contamination at the in areas of existing exposure situation from past activities. I will present our work on background measurement under of NATO project “A SEnsor NEtwork for the localization and identification of RAdiation sources”.
Dr.Matanat Mehrabova

I am Dr in physics, associated professor, and leading researcher in the Institute of Radiation Problems of ANAS. My research interests are semiconductor materials and use potentials of semimagnetic semiconductors thin films in fabrication of devices for electronics, optoelectronics, radiation sensors and dosimeters, Solar cells. İ have published 150 research articles.
Byung Yeoup Chung

My research area were all about bio-materials and its biological applications with radiation techniques. On the basis of the differential cell response obtained in response to radiation, we are involved in characterizing the molecular mechanism and discovering novel bio-molecules for utilization as drugs against aging and obesity. New techniques of radiation biotechnology are also being applied for bio-energy processing and used for an improvement in various functional bio-molecules.
Hanna Vasylyeva

My name is Hanna Vasylyeva I am an associated professor at Department of Physic of nuclear and elementary particles, Chair of theoretical physic of Uzhhorod national university, Ukraine. My science interests are radiation physic, physic and chemistry of surface, and radiochemistry, which is unfortunately not very developed in Ukraine.
Prof. Elisaveta Petrova

Practical and scientific activity of prof. Petrova are in field of lung diseases, occupational lung diseases, and preventive medicine. She has above 250 publications, 3 books, and participation at different congresses and conferences. She is a head of Preventive medicine in ACC Tokuda Sofia and professor in Medical Faculty in Sofia State University Saint Kliment Ohridski.
Liliya Batyuk

Ph.D (Biophysics), Associate Professor Department of Medical and Biological Physics and Medical Information Science, Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine
Markéta Koplová

I work in the Research Centre Řež near the Prague as a Dosimetric control in the department of Materials and mechanical properties, in the Hot cell
David Zoul

Nuclear physicist and Radiation protection manager in Research Centre Rez, Ltd. Czech Republic.
Hesham MHM Zakaly

I am Junior researcher and PhD student in department of experimental physics, Ural Federal University - Ekaterinburg - Russia with project (Dosimetry assessment of perspective radiopharmacy for purposes of radiation therapy), Msc degree in field of environmental radiation.
Daniela Vasilache

Daniela Vasilache is a Ph.D. student of the Environmental Science Faculty in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Working on applied sedimentology, she is mainly interested in radio-chronology, radio-ecology, and environmental management and protection.
Giuseppe Lorusso

I am a research scientist at the National Physical laboratory, and a visiting lecture at the university of Surrey in UK. My research focuses on the accurate measurements and evaluation of nuclear data of interest for basic and applied science. This research includes the use and development of state-of-the-art radiation detectors and the use of radioactive sources as well as radioactive ion beams.

Professor Remon Pop-Iliev is an endowed NSERC Senior Chair in Innovative Design Engineering since 2005. His primary field of research focuses on developing innovative polymer processing technologies. He has developed and patented two novel technologies for the manufacture of integral skin cellular polyolefin composites as well as a novel design of lightweight, long-reach, high payload composite robotic arms. His research also involves energy harvesting using smart engineering materials.
Roland Wolff

After studying physics, I completed a postgraduate course in medical physics. I have several years of experience in radiotherapy, nuclear medicine and radiation protection. My focus is on the biological effects of radiation, radiation protection law and radiation protection in medicine. As a registered and certified expert for radiation protection and medical physics (DGuSV), I offer expert opinions and consultations on the application of radiation in medicine, technology and the environment.
Viktor Goloveshkin

Researcher in the “Polesye State Radiation-Ecological Reserve”.Area of research-radioactivity in the environment.E-mail:
Aleksander Nikitin

I’m head of the Radioecology Lab in the Institute of Radiobiology of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus. The main goals of our lab are: analysis of activity and physic-chemical state of induced and natural radionuclides in various ecosystems on the territory of Belarus for assess of dose rates for biota and man; analysis and forecasting of Chernobyl’s radionuclides redistribution, they inclusion in food chains; improving radiation measurement methods.
Iryna Nikitsina

I’m assistant professor in Gomel State Medical University. The main direction of my research is impact of ionizing radiation on mitochondria metabolism and cells surface structures.
Evgeny Taskaev, PhD, Radiochemistry

I am responsible for R&D at Eckert & Ziegler Analytics Inc. in Atlanta, U.S.A. We are providing radioactive sources, including calibration standards, proficiency testing samples, reference materials etc. We design and organized proficiency schemes and offer metrological support for the radioactivity measurement process
Marcin Pietrzak

Head of Laboratory of Medical Physics and Nanodosimetry, National Centre for Nuclear Research and PhD student at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw, Poland. Main scientific interests: experimental nano- and micro-dosimetry, particle radiotherapy, Monte Carlo simulations, interaction and biological effectiveness of ionizing radiation.
Stepan Vereschagin

I am an electronics developer at the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia. Currently I am developing a data acquisition system for the TPC/MPD detector of the NICA project.
Aliaksandr Bantsar

I am a research scientist at the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Poland. More than 15 years of experience in experimental nanodosimetry (low energy electrons, alpha particles and carbon ions). Additional scientific interests: particle radiotherapy, interaction and biological effectiveness of ionizing radiation.
Marina Poje Sovilj

I am an assistant professor at the Department of Physics University J.J.Strossmayer of Osijek, Croatia. I am a member of the Laboratory for Low-level Radioactivities which is the authorized laboratory in Croatia for the investigation of radon 222Rn.
Ass. Prof. Arjana Ylli-Kraja

I am currently working in Biotechnology Department, Faculty of Natural Sciences, University of Tirana, Tirana, Albania. The research fields: Genetics of induced mutations in cereals, vegetables and decorative plants, Assessment of biodiversity in aquatic systems through environmental indicators. The co-creator of a new Ni_792 grain cultivar from chemical metagenesis, registered in the National Catalog of New Varieties (with creative author Mentor Përmet and Arjana Kraja-Ylli
Hygreeva Kiran NAMBURI

I’m Senior Research Scientist and Project Manager working at Research Centre Rez in Czech Republic. My expertise is in Materials Science Engineering with 12 years of research focus on energy materials for structural applications. Broad experience in nuclear core and structural materials and fusion energy materials. Keywords:Advanced microscopic characterization, neutron radiography, Gamma irradiation and SIMS Looking forward for scientific discussions and fruitful collaborations
Georgi Gorine

I`m an electronic engineer finalizing my PhD research between EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland) and the Irradiation Facilities at CERN (Geneva, Switzerland). My main research topic is the development of dosimetry technologies for the Future Circular Collider at CERN. My expertise is in electronic design, microfabrication, electrical characterization, irradiation tests and radiation damage. At RAD2018 I`ll present a dosimeters readout system used at CERN, and the novel Radiation Dependent Resistors
Miroslav Voytchev

Testing and qualifying radiation protection instrumentation at the French Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) in Saclay near Paris. Secretary of IEC/SC45B "Radiation protection instrumentation".
Beata Brzozowska-Wardecka

After my PhD in high energy physics I started to work in the Biomedical Physics Division at Faculty of Physics, University of Warsaw and my scientific interests concern medical physics, radiobiology in particular. I spent eighteen months at Stockholm University, where I joined the mixed beam effect for cancer risk project. Our team works now with PARTRAC codes (in cooperation with W. Friendland, Helmholtz Centre) to model DNA damage and repair in cells exposed to ionizing radiation.